Based in Islamabad, Pakistan

Release date:
1 May, 2012

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Reunite Kye with the love of his robot world - embark on this endless platform shooting quest! After watching his girlfriend been snatched away by an evil green villain, Kye sets out to get her back. You maneuver Kye through RoboQuest, the 2D side-scrolling/shooter game. Dodge and destroy enemy bots. Shoot missiles and pick up gears on the run. Collect gold nuts for extra points. Complete missions to buy higher-end weapons and utilities to kick some major enemy butt! With multiple upgrades including the Tank, the Jet and the Mighty Zeus, and a variety of guns including the Shotgun, the Flamethrower, and the Laser Blaster, for blast every bot you see into smithereens.


  • You can compete against your friends
  • Endless fun and challenges on this quest


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    we.R.play is an indie game dev studio based in Islamabad, Pakistan. we.R.play's games have been downloaded over 7 million times across multiple platforms and have also been featured on itunes as well as google play. These include titles such as Lost Twins, Run Sheeda Run, Dream Chaser (published by Chillingo), Robo Quest (published by PocketGems), FotoFinish (published by Namco), Space Leap and Lost Twins.

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    Design, Development & QA

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